Our History

The First Baptist Church Nursery School, organized by the Board of Christian education of the First Baptist Church of Needham in 1967, was established as a preschool which “afforded preschool children of all faiths the opportunity to adjust to life outside the home and provide for their physical, social and emotional development under professional supervision and guidance”. It was designed to “provide an opportunity for preschoolers to be with playmates of their own ages in the security of a well planned program which will also be flexible enough to meet their individual needs”.

Today, over forty years later, the preschool is still fulfilling its original objectives and expanding upon them. Through the guidance of three state certified Pre-School teachers and a highly experienced Board of Directors, the school is a well-established center of educational learning and discovery. We offer two distinct classes, one for three-year-olds and one for four-year-olds, that explore a variety of topics in developmentally appropriate ways. Additionally, the two classes have the opportunity to be together for outdoor play, gross motor and dramatic development and for field trips both locally and away from Needham.

Every day at the First Baptist Church Nursery School, we look for and implement new ways for prekindergarten children to learn. Based on the children’s present knowledge we broaden their world and introduce new concepts in a safe and secure environment. We plan to continue with our original objectives while, at the same time, meeting the new requirements today’s parents and schools demand.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe each child is unique;
  • We believe children learn through play, hands-on activities, and exploration;
  • We believe children learn from field trips;
  • We believe physical activity is the foundation for continued growth in both large and small motor development;


At the First Baptist Church Nursery School we incorporate these beliefs into a developmentally appropriate curriculum that encompasses all aspects of development; intellectual, social, emotional and physical, and provides children with a solid foundation for present and future learning.


FBCNS - A Center of Learning and Discovery